La station ISS a rendez vous le Jeudi 15 août à 9h57 UTC avec Loreto College, Adelaide, South Australia.

La conversation se fera en anglais entre Luca Parmitano KF5KDP et  IK1SLD en télébridge, audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM narrow.

L’évènement sera visible en streaming sur

Liste des questions

  • 1. Isabella: As this is the year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, has the moon any more significance to you?
  • 2. Megan: What did it feel like when you first stepped into the International Space Station?
  • 3. Gabrielle: If you were able to choose how long to stay on the ISS, what would you say?
  • 4. Avreen: Would you like to explore space further, for example, be part of a mission to Mars?
  • 5. Samantha: Does viewing the Earth from space change the way in which you think about humanity?
  • 6. April: I walk around my house; do you miss the feeling of “walking” in the Space Station?
  • 7. Mia: What do you expect to see changing in the space industry in the coming years?
  • 8. Claudia: Is space tourism a worthwhile endeavour?
  • 9. Anna: There are so many songs written with a space theme; what does space sound like?
  • 10. Harriet: Do you keep looking out in hope of seeing a UFO?
  • 11. Vivienne: Does living without gravity impact on your physical state?
  • 12. Natalie: What do you do with any spare time?
  • 13. Isabella: Why is it called the “International” Space Station?
  • 14. Megan: Are you able to keep in contact with family and close friends?
  • 15. Gabrielle: What do you do to overcome homesickness?
  • 16. Avreen: Is there ever a “day” in which you get bored?
  • 17. Samantha: Based on the experiences of past astronauts, what preparations are you already putting in place for your return?
  • 18. April: If you had a choice of movie to watch, what would your favourite “space” movie be?
  • 19. Mia: Viewing the “Blue Planet” from space, do you believe there are other planets that could support intelligent life?
  • 20. Claudia: Are you hopeful for our planet’s future?