La station ISS a rendez vous le mardi 27 novembre à 16h28 UTC avec l’école primaire Jean Jaurès et Arnaud de Troyes. La conversation se fera en anglais entre Alexander Gerst KF5ONO et IK1SLD au nord de l’Italie en télébridge.

Le signal sera donc audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM et l’évènement sera retransmis sur

Liste des questions

1. Anais (5): How are you doing?
2. Maya (10): What is your best feeling in space?
3. Martha (6): Can you see the colours of the stars?
4. Liham (5): Have you ever seen any aliens?
5. Alban (4): What’s your job on the ISS?
6. Juliette (10): Is it dangerous in space? If yes, what’s dangerous?
7. Saliha (5): Were you sad when the Soyuz rocket crashed last month?
8. Cali (10): Where and how can you find oxygen to breathe?
9. Faustyne (5): Is there a pipe that brings back your waste to Earth?
10. Ouma (10): What is a typical day like?
11. Rayane (5): Could you come and visit us in Troyes?
12. Jeanne (10): What do you do when you are outside the station?
13. Irina (6): What is beautiful in space?
14. Marius (10): Do you come across satellites in space?
15. Lily-Rose (10): Could you take a picture of Troyes, 48.176N and 4.046E?
16. Tessa (10): What personal things did you bring on board?
17. Horace (4): Do you feel sick in space?
18. Leon (9): How will you return to Earth?
19. Paul (4): Is there a phone in the ISS to call Michel Tognini?
20. Gael (4): Do you play games on board?
22. Lola (5): Do you sleep at night?