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Contact ARISS le 24/11/18 à 20h05

La station ISS a rendez vous le samedi 24 novembre à 19h05 UTC avec IMP Aerospace & Defence, Goffs, NS, Canada. La conversation se fera en anglais entre Serena Aunon-Chancellor KG5TMT et IK1SLD au nord de l’Italie en télébridge.

Le signal sera donc audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM et l’évènement sera retransmis sur http://www.ariotti.com

Liste des questions

  • 1. Chloe (12): What happens when you sneeze in space?
  • 2. Xingyan (9): What kind of physical training do you have to go through before going into space?
  • 3. Bria (12): Do you believe signs of life, past or present, will be found in our Solar System?
  • 4. Ella (11): What is the coolest thing you’ve seen from the Space Station?
  • 5: Raelyn (8): How do you handle medical issues in space especially if they are life-threatening?
  • 6: Callum (7): What’s it like to be an astronaut?
  • 7. Tyler (7): What does it smell like inside the ISS?
  • 8. Trevor (7): Is any food grown on the Space Station?
  • 9. Milena (8): How do you do laundry on the ISS?
  • 10. Alex (5): How does your spacesuit stay warm?
  • 11. Chloe (12): In order to maintain altitude or avoid orbital debris a reboost or avoidance maneuver is performed. Can you feel that taking place inside the ISS?
  • 12. Xingyan (9): How long did it take for you to adjust to the weightless environment on the ISS?
  • 13. Bria (12): How does life spent on the underwater training laboratory “Aquarius” compare with life on the ISS?
  • 14. Ella (14): Is it noisy or quiet inside the space station?
  • 15. Raelyn (8): What has been the biggest health issue you’ve had to deal with?
  • 16. Callum (7): What’s your favorite space meal?
  • 17. Tyler (7): How do Astronauts take a shower in space?
  • 18. Trevor (7): Does the entire crew gather for meals?
  • 19. Milena (8): What do you do in your spare time for entertainment?
  • 20. Alex (5): How do you know when to go to bed at night?
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