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Contact ARISS 23/05/18 à 11h06

L’astronaute Ricky Arnold KE5DAU entrera en contact avec l’école primaire Janusz Kusocinski en Pologne,  le mercredi 23 mai à 9h06 UTC. Le contact télébridge sera opéré par W6SRJ depuis la Californie aux USA.

L’évènement sera retransmis sur le web https://ariss.pzk.org.pl/live/

Liste des questions

  • 1. Zofia O. (11): What was your path to becoming an astronaut?
  • 2. Zofia R. (13): What research conducted currently on the ISS has been specifically undertaken in preparation for the human exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit?
  • 3. Anna (12): If you had a chance to travel beyond our Solar System to find a new habitable planet for humans would you do it even if you knew you may never return to the Earth?
  • 4. Samira (13): Does your being in space affect your general perspective on life?
  • 5. Jakub G.(13): What surprised you most in space?
  • 6. Justyna (10): What happens when you get ill on the ISS?
  • 7. Sandra (12): How does your ordinary day in life aboard the ISS look like?
  • 8. Krzysztof (12): For an experienced astronaut as you are, which is the best space movie and which is the worst?
  • 9. Igor (13): Has anything dangerous ever happened to you?
  • 10. Dariusz (13): How do you get drinking water on the ISS?
  • 11. Jakub Z. (13): What do you miss most?
  • 12. Antoni (13): How do astronauts eat aboard the ISS?
  • 13. Eliza (12): Where does a compass point to in space?
  • 14. Aleksandra (13): How does taking care of personal hygiene differ from maintaining hygiene on Earth?
  • 15. Zuzanna (13): Do you ever feel collision with any objects or space debris?
  • 16. Artur (13): Do you do anything just for fun on the ISS?
  • 17. Mateusz (13) Is there anything you would like to do right now, although you know that you cannot?
  • 18. Kewin (13): How and where do you sleep?
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