L’astronaute Ricky Arnold KE5DAU entrera en contact avec des écoles polonaises le jeudi 26 février à 10h52 UTC. Le contact direct opéré par SP7KYLB.  Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz et sera fait en anglais.

Le contact sera retransmis en live : https://ariss.pzk.org.pl/live/


Liste des questions

  • 1. Alicja (15, B): What was the most interesting occurrence that you came across during your space trip and at the space station?
  • 2. Piotr (17, Z): What are scientific experiments carried out on the space station at present?
  • 3. Joanna (18, L): Can you describe how did the aurora looked like from the ISS and what did you feel when you saw it the first time?
  • 4. Bartosz (15, B): Does being in space contribute to a faster aging of cells?
  • 5. Magdalena (14, Z): What do astronauts feel while approaching earth during the return?
  • 6. Mateusz (18, L): What do you think about the importance of a HAM radio school contacts?
  • 7. Patrycja (15, B): How do astronauts weld metals while repairing broken ISS station?
  • 8. Jakub (16, Z): How do you keep in touch with your family?
  • 9. Agnieszka (17, L): What do you do on the International Space Station if one of you gets ill and, for example, needs to have an immediate surgical removal of an appendix?
  • 10. Blazej (15, B): How often do you have to correct the ISS orbit to avoid space trash?
  • 11. Nikola (16, Z): Which skills are the most important to become an astronaut?
  • 12. Remigiusz (17, L): Is it hard to get used to weightlessness?
  • 13. Lukasz (14, B): What is your biggest dislike being in space?
  • 14. Bartlomiej (15, Z): How well does your training help you to cope with the mental and physical changes that occur on travel to and from space?
  • 15. Dominik (17, L): What is the maximum duration that your mission in space can be?


  • B stands for General Education School Complex in Buczek
  • L stands for Ist Secondary School in Lask
  • Z stands for General Education School Complex In Zelow
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