L’astronaute Scott Tingle KG5NZA  entrera en contact avec l’école publique de Freeport ans l’état de New York aux USA le mardi 27 mars à 17h41 UTC. Le contact télébridge sera opéré par IK1SLD situé dans le nord de l’Italie.  Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz et sera fait en anglais.

Streaming vidéo à partir de 17h20 UTC     www.ariotti.com

Liste des questions

  • 1. Lesley (15): If an astronaut gets a bacterial infection, do antibiotics work in space as they do on Earth?
  • 2. Jayden (13): Could you describe the ‘SUPVIS Justin’ experiment you conducted on March 2 and the next steps in this work
  • 3. Sarah (12): How has your perspective about the Earth changed as a result of your trip to the Space Station?
  • 4. Jonavan (10): What are the duties of a typical astronaut on his/her first day in space?
  • 5. Johan (10): Does the immune system become impaired after a prolonged stay in space?
  • 6. Gabriela (10): What does it look like from space when seasons are changing?
  • 7. Ava (10): How does age effect how the body reacts in space?
  • 8. Giovanni (12): What are the uses of the robotic arm?
  • 9. Brenna (14): You plan to do one or more spacewalks in your trip aboard the ISS. Could you describe the biggest challenge you face in such missions?
  • 10. Adisa (16): How often and how does ISS adjust its trajectory to maintain a constant orbit?
  • 11. Lesley (15): If astronauts leave the Earth at around 17,000 mph why does it take so long to reach the ISS located approximately 250 miles above the Earth?
  • 12. Jayden (13): I know you like fluid mechanics. Could you describe the fluid mechanics experiments you are involved in?
  • 13. Sarah (12): Has the ISS National Laboratory found any possible organisms that can survive the harsh conditions of space for a prolonged period of time?
  • 14. Jonavan (10): What would happen if you got sick in space?
  • 15. Johan (10): You will be doing a number of experiments aboard the ISS. Could you describe one that interests you the most?
  • 16. Gabriela (10): How can we help pets to survive in outer space for longer periods of time?
  • 17. Ava (10): What are the effects of blood rushing to astronauts’ heads in a microgravity environment?
  • 18. Giovanni (12): You were one of the first responders in the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Could you describe your role?
  • 19. Brenna (14): Knowing there is debris in space can you describe briefly how ISS detects objects moving toward the station?
  • 20. Adisa (16): Due to varying laws governing research in various countries, does each country work solely on their own project or are projects codependent?