Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS 14/02/18 à 13h37

L’astronaute Scott Tingle KG5NZA  entrera en contact avec Vilniaus Jono Basanaviciaus Gymnasium et avec Vilniaus Jono Basanaviciaus Progymnasium, Vilnius, Lithuania le mercrdi 1′ février à 12h37 UTC. Le contact direct opéré par LY1BWB situé dans le nord de l’Italie.  Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz et sera fait en anglais.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Haroldas 18: Jonas Basanavicius was named person of the century in Lithuania. What kind of person would you choose to be your country’s person of the century?
  • 2. Radvilas 14: Can you see Lithuania from your current position?
  • 3. Dominykas 18: What is your opinion about inflatable habitats that were tested in the ISS?
  • 4. Karolis 18: If you could ever travel to one of the planets, which would you choose?
  • 5. Kasparas 18: How your stay in space differs from what you had expected?
  • 6. Lukas 16: Are there any disagreements between crewmembers?
  • 7. Ignas 15: What extreme situations might be faced in the ISS?
  • 8. Mante 16: What was the first thing you saw through the window of the ISS?
  • 9. Gleb 18: Who would you be if you were not an Astronaut?
  • 10. Povilas 13: If you had an opportunity to talk to someone from the past, who would it be?
  • 11. Saule 18: What annoys you the most in ISS?
  • 12. Jurga 18: Is the silence in space deeper than on Earth?
  • 13. Modestas 16: How do you relax in space?
  • 14. Akvile 13: Have you ever seen space junk colliding?
  • 15. Rimgaudas 14: Which do you think is scarier; ascending or landing?
  • 16. Justina 18: According to which time zone do you celebrate New Year?
  • 17. Antanas 16: How do paper planes fly in the space station?
  • 18. Lukas 18: What is going to be your first meal when you come back?
  • 19. Erika 14: Do you use lasers made in Lithuania in your work?
  • 20: Povilas 16: How long does it take you to catch up with fashion?

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