Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS 31/01/18 à 17h42

L’astronaute Joe Acaba KE5DAR entrera en contact avec Central Magnet Math & Science ES/Batesville School District, Batesville, Arizona le mercredi 31 janvier à 16h42 UTC. Le contact sera fait en télébridge, il sera opéré par IK1SLD situé dans le nord de l’Italie.  Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz et sera fait en anglais.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Walker (4th): How do astronauts travel to and from the space station?
  • 2. Gareth (4th): Is your sense of time distorted because you are orbiting the earth every 90 minutes?
  • 3. Yuridia (4th): What is it like to perform an EVA?
  • 4. AshLee (5th): How do you keep in contact with your family?
  • 5. Leslie (5th): How do the stars look from the space station?
  • 6. Elizabeth (5th): What is it like to transition to micro gravity when you arrive at the space station?
  • 8. Alexander (6th): What inspired you to become an astronaut?
  • 9. Aya (6th): What are the experiments you work on aboard the space station?
  • 10. Ty (6th): How does the space station get oxygen?
  • 11. Walker (6th): Do you crave certain foods while you are in space?
  • 12. Gareth (6th): How do you spend your free time on the space station?
  • 13. Yuridia (6th): Do you play any games, sports or exercise while in space?
  • 14. AshLee (5th): What is your perspective of seeing the Earth?s weather from space?
  • 15. Leslie (5th): Are you hopeful astronauts will return to the moon?
  • 16. Elizabeth (5th): How long will you be staying on the ISS?
  • 17. Melody (4th): What happens to the trash you produce on the ISS?
  • 18. Alexander (4th): Is it comfortable sleeping in a weightless environment?
  • 19. Aya (4th): How do astronauts take care of medical problems while in space?
  • 20. Ty (4th): What advice can you give for students wishing to become an astronaut?

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