L’astronaute Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA entrera en contact avec  Tallaght Community School, Dublin, Irelande et Gymnasium Räddningsgymnasiet Sando, Sandöverken, Suède le  Jeudi 19 octobre 2017 à 12h49 UTC. Le contact sera direct et opéré par OR4ISS et EI2SDR pour Dublin et en télébridge via EI2SDR et la Suède. Il sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM étroite et ne durera que 9’30 ».

A voir en streaming :

Liste des questions en anglais

Les questions impaires sont Irlandaises et les questions paires sont Suédoises

  • 1. Amy (14): What is your favourite view from the ISS?
  • 2. Medina (16): Do you ever think children will be allowed to travel into space with astronauts?
  • 3. Dean (14): If you had the chance would you change or add anything to the design of the ISS?
  • 4. Anton (18): Is this job the most challenging job you have ever done?
  • 5. Eimintas (16): What is the longest time you have spent on a spacewalk and what did you do?
  • 6. Linna (15): Does the ISS have a black box like an aircraft?
  • 7. Emma (12): Who inspired you to become an astronaut?
  • 8. Valentina (17): Have space experiments resulted in something useful which is used on earth?
  • 9. James (17): What training did you do to prepare for space walks?
  • 10. Emil (14) Have you ever encountered an anomaly that has baffled you?
  • 11. Trudy(15): This is your third trip to space, did it take your body more time to adjust to earth’s gravity the second time you landed?
  • 12. Erik (18): What education in physics and engineering is required to become an astronaut?
  • 13. Abbie (15): When your mission is over what will you miss the most and least about life on the ISS?
  • 14. Sofia:(17: )Does your view of life change after seeing earth from another perspective?
  • 15. Jack (12): Can you tell us about some of the interesting experiments you are conducting on the ISS?
  • 16. Sanna (17): Are you allowed to bring along private things like photos?
  • 17. Levente (15): Is the ISS ever affected by Solar radiation surges from the sun?
  • 18. Felicia (19): Do you use “private” communication channels when talking with your family?
  • 19. Lee (12): Have you had any fun or exhilarating experiences so far on your mission?
  • 20. Jenna (16): How does it feel to see earth from such a distance for the first time?
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