Contact ARISS 11/10/17 à 13h48

L’astronaute Joe Acaba KE5DAR entrera en contact avec  l’école élémentaire “21st of May” à Podgoric au Montenegro le  mercredi 11 octobre 2017 à 11h48 UTC. Le contact sera direct et opéré par 4OØISS. Il sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM étroite.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Atena (12): What happens if a space rock hits that little space ship in a certain place, and breaks something inside there, what do the astronauts do?
  • 2. Vukan (12): Do you have some funny moments in non-gravity space?
  • 3. Berna (12): Do you listen to music in the space?
  • 4. Andrija (12): What did you feel like the first time you went to space?
  • 5. Jelena (12): How do you take a shower?
  • 6. Nemanja (13): What are you going to do when you see an asteroid that is going straight to hit the Earth?
  • 7. Ajsa (12): Can you really see the Great Wall of China or any other man-made buildings from the space?
  • 8. Bogdan (12): Are you afraid that something could go wrong with the spaceship or your space suits at any moment?
  • 9. Milica (12): Is it hard to stay up there without your loved ones, family and friends?
  • 10. Pavle (12): What happens when you go out of the space station and gravity of the planet pulls you away?
  • 11. Iva (13): Do you lose weight while orbiting Earth in your spaceship on your missions?
  • 12. Dorde (12): Do you get along with your partners at the station and on the ship?
  • 13. Jelena (12): Do you know what happens in the black hole?
  • 14. Amer (12): Is it possible to cry in space?
  • 15. Mia (13): Have you ever seen anything weird in space?
  • 16. Risto (13): Is your suit very heavy to wear?
  • 17. Sofija (12): Time is different in space, so do the astronauts age differently?
  • 18. Nemanja (13): How do you sleep in space?
  • 19. Stasa (13): Would you ever live in space?
  • 20. Miona (13): Were you afraid during launch?
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