ISS a a rendez vous avec les boys Scouts de Buffalo à New York le samedi 10 juin à 16h20 UTC (18h20 locales). C’est le cosmonaute Fyodor Yurchikhin RN3FI qui sera en télébridge avec ON4ISS. Le contact sera audible sur l’europe sur 145.800 MHz en bande FM étroite.

Liste des questions

1. Bryan: What motivated you to pursue this career? Did you ever imagine being able to go to the ISS?
2. Carl: What is the hardest thing about living on the space station?
3. Isaiah: Is there the possibility of expanding the ISS for a more fuel efficient launch site for lunar or Martian missions?
4. Dylan: What do you miss from Earth that you don’t have in space?
5. Jared: What is the coolest weather pattern you’ve seen from the ISS?
6. Sean: Can you access the internet in Space? How are you connected?
7: Spencer: Recently, an experiment in growing potatoes was launched to the space station that was designed by students from the Buffalo area. Are you familiar with the experiment? How is that experiment proceeding?
8. Liam: What experiment has been the most fun for you and why?
9. Nathan: What was the most difficult challenge that you had to overcome to become a cosmonaut?
10. Anthony: Which area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) do you find most useful as a cosmonaut on the Space Station?
11. Bryan: What are your daily meals like? (Are the meals from other nations similar or different?) Do you get to trade meals with others?
12. Carl: What changes happened in your perspective of Earth when you went so far away?
13. Isaiah: Scott Kelly was onboard the ISS for 340 days, what is the next increment for time in space for Mars travel to be practical?
14. Dylan: Many of the experiments done on the ISS are for scientists around the world. Do crew members keep up with the research projects after the specific experiments are done?
15. Jared: In February the ISS twitter feed had a photo of a lone ship on the ocean. Have you ever felt like you were a like that lone ship as you work in on the ISS?
16. Sean: Which of the experiments you are doing during your ISS mission do you think will have an impact on my life?
17: Spencer: I read that astronauts average about 6 hours of sleep a night, with a goal or 8 hours. Why is it hard to sleep on the space station?
18. Liam: What pictures of the Earth have you taken, and what is your favorite?
19. Nathan: What would you say to young students about a career in science, technology, engineering, or math?
20. Anthony: Were you ever involved in Scouting?