Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS 2/2/17 à 19h49

Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD entrera en contact avec l’école South Street School, à Danbury aux USA. Ce contact télébridge sera opéré par ON4ISS localisé en Belgique. Le signal descendant sera audible en Europe.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Joycelyn (4th grade): What is the most difficult part of your job?
  • 2. Bryan (5th grade): What type of microorganisms are dangerous in space? What micro-organisms are important and needed in space?
  • 3: Zahara (5th grade): What type of medical testing does and astronaut have to go through to be physically and mentally fit for duty?
  • 4. Juliet (4th grade): Did you always want to be an astronaut, or is it something you came to as part of a different career?
  • 5. Shianne (5th grade): Does it bother you that you cannot see your family in space?
  • 6. Madison (5th grade): What was it like to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, how did it feel?
  • 7. Mia (5th grade): How long can a human stay in space?
  • 8. Lindsey (5th grade): How are you able to get internet in space and send information back and forth to Earth? >From WSMA
  • 9. Bethany (7th grade): How do you handle Major Medical emergencies such as a broken arm or a heart attack?
  • 10.Paloma (7th grade): Do you have medical equipment besides a first aid kit ?
  • 11. Oscar (7th grade): Can you alter the procedure of an experiment?
  • 12. Alex (7th grade): Are you limited in the types of experiment? Such as doing an experiment with open fire?
  • 13. Marianna (7th grade): Do astronauts work only on experiments that suit his/her specialty?
  • 14. Stella (7th grade): Do all the astronauts sleep at the same time?
  • 15. Kayla (7th grade): How do you overcome the language barrier aboard the ISS?
  • 16. Vinny (7th grade): Do astronauts have specific chores aboard the ISS?
  • 17. Shelbie (5th grade): Is there different types of weather in space? How does the temperature change during the time you are there?
  • 18. Nicholas (5th grade): Is time different in space? How do you figure out what time it is on Earth?
  • 19. Alexis (7th grade): What is the emergency procedure if debris were going to hit the space station?
  • 20. Alexis (7th grade): What time zone is the ISS on?
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