Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD entrera en contact depuis l’ISS avec l’école Marina du Pisa en Italie le jeudi 15 décembre à 12h31 UTC ou 13h31 heure française Le contact sera opéré par IK1SLD et on pourra entendre le signal descendant sur 145.800 MHz

Liste des questions

  • 1. Luca: What inspired you to become an astronaut?
  • 2. Michael: Which is your favorite food on board?
  • 3. Diego: Do you see more darkness up there than on Earth?
  • 4. Giada: How can astronauts have a shower on board?
  • 5. Emma: What will happen to your body if you don’t exercise?
  • 6. Aurora: Which planets do you see from over there?
  • 7. Lucrezia: Can you hear sounds and noises outside the space ship?
  • 8. Emanuele: Do you know how many space ships or satellites are there orbiting?
  • 9. Claudia: How many astronauts are there on board and how long must you stay on the space ship?
  • 10. Emma: What kind of machinery is on board? Which is the most important? Can you describe it to us?
  • 11. Ariannna: What are your astronaut suits made of? Are they heavy? Does someone help you to put them on?
  • 12. Zeno: How much fuel does the space ship use?
  • 13. Nicola: Why did you decide to become an astronaut instead of, for example, an astronomer, an engineer or an astrophysicist? What are your skills?
  • 14. Martina: We know you can see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day. So, have you ever seen other celestial or terrestrial extraordinary events?
  • 15. Leonardo: Wath are the main aims of your mission, wath is your task?
  • 16. Rebecca: Last year the ISS hosted the astronaut Scott Kelly. The press, on his return, insisted very much on the effects illustrated by Einstein as regards the paradox of the twins. Is it really possible to detect slight differences at a biological level? Which examples can be given to testify restricted or general relativity?
  • 17. Luca: Why does the ISS have such a low orbit and it is not, for example, geostationary? Does it lose height? Should it be re-lifted? If so, how and to what extent?
  • 18. Simone: In space, in conditions of microgravity, there is a loss of muscle and bone mass, because of body statism. Is the regeneration of tissue in space different in lack of gravity? Does microgravity influence also the behaviour of electronic devices?
  • 19. Mattia: Astronauts are exposed to solar wind because they are outside the shelter of the magnetic field. Which effects can be noticed in their bodies?
  • 20. Cecilia: Would you be willing to leave on a mission to Mars, taking into account the dangers that you might face while eventually trying to come back to Earth? To what extent can your spirit of exploration go further?