La station spatiale ISS et l’opérateur Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD à rendez vous avec une école de Barcelone en Espagne. Le contact se fera en télébridge le jeudi 17 novembre à 8h25 UTC et sera opéré par W6SRJ basé en Californie aux USA.

L’évènement sera diffusé sur le web sur la chaine Youtube  et ausi sur le site web de l’école

Liste des questions :

  • 1. Since you are at zero gravity, do you get the feeling of being upright or upside down?
  • 2. How do you cope with the anxiety caused by being in such a small room where you can barely move?
  • 3. What surprised you the most the very first time you reached the space station? Does it have a certain smell (like hospitals do)?
  • 4. What is your current research about?
  • 5. To compensate for bone and muscle loss caused by weightlessness, do you take any dietary supplement to complement the physical exercise?
  • 6. Would you be willing to travel to Mars? When do you think it will be possible?
  • 7. Have you experienced any dangerous situation during the spacewalks, for example a space debris impact?
  • 8. What differences have you come across between 3D printing on Earth and in the station?
  • 9. How do you think schools in the future should be so students can meet the challenges of your research?
  • 10. Do you have control over the station or is it controlled from earth? What about in case of an emergency?
  • 11. How long can you be outside the station during EVAs (extravehicular activities)?
  • 12. What is your opinion on the tourist space voyages? Do you think it will be soon avaible for everyone?
  • 13. What do you do when you are ill?
  • 14. How do you spend your free time in the station?
  • 15. What is the thing on the Earth that you miss the most?
  • 16. Do you feel small compared to the hugeness of space?
  • 17. How do the stars and the Earth look like from the space station?
  • 18. Can you tell us about your daily life in the station?
  • 19. What is the temperature and pressure inside and outside the space station?
  • 20. Where do you get all the power for the station to function properly?