Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS le 10 août à 20h56

Le radioclub Valasskka Polanta OK2KJT en République Tchèque a rendez vous avec la station spatiale ISS opéré par Takuya Onishi KF5LKS. C’est un contact direct, opéré par OK1KET qui sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en bande FM étroite. 3 radioclubs, OK2KJT, OK2KFJ and OK2KDJ, sont partenaires et ont organisé un camp d’électronique et radioamateurs. Voir les photos de l’an passé sur leur site.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Pavel (16): What is the temperature inside and outside the ISS?
  • 2. Zbynek (15): What would you compare the smell of the stations recycled air which you breathe to?
  • 3. Vit (13): What percentage of all the buttons, keypads and switches on the ISS do you perfectly know in terms of functionality?
  • 4. Richard (16): Could the human eye see a strong light source, like a car high beam, from Earth pointing out the ISS at night?
  • 5. Adam (14): Is there any component or device currently deployed in operation on the ISS which has been completely made by 3D printing?
  • 6. Krystof (12): How often do you operate a ham radio station, except the ARISS project?
  • 7. Tomas (14): Based on your personal experience, do you believe people could successfully sustain very long space travels, for example to Mars, in small spacecrafts?
  • 8. Pavlina (13): Do you work on changing shifts on the ISS?
  • 9. Michaela (13): If necessary, how do you scratch your face while you are in the space suit in the open space?
  • 10. Jan R. (12): Is the taste of food on the ISS as on Earth or synthetic?
  • 11. Tomas M. (13): Is the travel from Earth to the ISS and back survivable for an ordinary person?
  • 12. Tomas B. (16): What is your opinion about the progress in the space industry since the first Moon landing 50 years ago, up till now when humans are just orbiting Earth?
  • 13. Filip (14): Do you have any program for making and growing own food on the ISS?
  • 14. Daniel (13): How long would it take to prepare for the emergency exit?
  • 15. Eva (13): Do you believe that today or in nearest future there could be manufactured and launched new generation satellite entirely made by 3D printing?
  • 16. Jan H. (15): How much free time do you have every day?
  • 17. Lukas (15): When you are watching Earth from the ISS window, have you changed your mind regarding your personal opinions on humans, human society, ecology and other local and global problems?
  • 18. Jan S.(16): Do you feel the infinite size of the space?
  • 19. Michal R. (15): How much exercise do you need to keep yourself fit?
  • 20. Michal F.(15): How do you communicate from the space with your family?
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