Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS le 25/02 10h11


Un contact direct est programmé Jeudi 25 février à 9h11 UTC entre l’école Sobrero, Casale Monferrato, en Italie et IK1SLD. Le signal sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM bande étroite.

Le contact sera retransmis sur le web : https://sites.google.com/site/arissaudio/

Liste des questions en anglais

1. Marco I.: What is the Earth like from space?
2. Riccardo: How do you sleep in absence of gravity?
3. Marco L.: How long does it take to get used to life on the I.S.S?
4. Matteo: How did you feel when you saw the sunrise for the first time in space?
5. Erik: What other problems are there in addition to the absence of gravity?
6. Teddy: Were you afraid the first time you went into space?
7. Vittorio: What do you usually eat?
8. Ottavio: What was the journey like to get to the I.S.S?
9. Abdel: What do you do in your free time?
10. Agostino: How do you feel when you come back from a space mission after a long time?
11. Marco B.: When you were students did you use to dream of doing this job?
12. Simone V.: How is the view from the space station?
13. Luca S.: At what averange speed do you travel ?
14. Mattia G.: How do you use a toilet in space?
15. Maxime: What kind of emotions did you feel during the count down?
16. Bruno: How do you have a shower in space?
17. Luca B.: How are people chosen to get to the I.S.S
18. Daniel: How are you keeping in touch with your family?
19. Simone R.: What kind of researches are you doing on the I.S.S?
20. Alessio: What program of training did you follow before you going to the I.S.S?
21. Simone C.: How long have you been in space?
22. Lorenzo: Which are the things you prefer when you are in the space station?
23. Simone M.: What food do you miss more?
24. Filippo: What do you usually do in space?
25. Andrea: If you could turn back time, would you do this work?
26. Arber: Do you live better on the ground or in space?
27. Dejvi: What kind of preparation is necessary to do this experience?
28. Davide: Is living in space like you expected it to be?
29. Tomas: Is this venture proving harder than you expected?
30. Alessandro: This experience what impact do you think will have on your next job on the Earth?

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