Contact reporté


ISS a rendez vous avec l’école « Gesmundo Moro Fiore » de Terlizzi en Italie.

C’est un contact télébridge entre ISS et la station LU1CGB située en Argentine

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Liste des questions

1. Federica (13): How was born your passion in the space exploration?
2. Andrea (13): In which module of the space station are you now? What’s around you now?
3. Irene (12): How was the space station built?
4. Ottavio (12) What experiments are you doing on board the ISS?
5. Claudia (13): Have you performed a spacewalk?
6. Andrea (12): What amusing activities do you do on the ISS?
7. Claudia (12): What are the tasks for ISS crew on board the space station?
8. Rebecca (13): Can you send us a photo of you greetings us from Cupola?
9. Federico (13): Can you see the biggest cities on Earth from the ISS?
10. Arianna (12): It’s true that the solar energy is the biggest power source on ISS?
11. Rinaldo (13): What’s temperature is on board and outside the ISS?
12. Giuseppe (12): What are the benefits to do the experiments in zero gravity?
13. Marta (12): Do you have flowers on ISS? If YES, can you describe it?
14. Fabrizio (12): How do you face medical problems by one ISS crew member?
15. Maria (12): What will you do to re-adapt when you come back to earth?
16. Davide (12): What do you miss of Earth life on board the ISS?
17. Rosaria (12): Do you like drinking the coffee on ISS?
18. Giulia (13): How do you feel after seeing 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets in a very short time?
19. Alessia (12): How you perceive on the ISS the astronomical distances of the planets?
20. Kevin (12): How do you communicate with your family on earth?
21. Antonella (13): How do you spend the free time on ISS?