La station ISS a rendez vous le 13 janvier à 11h35 UTC (12h35 locales) avec l’école « Benedetto Croce » de Civate en Italie. C’est un contact télébridge avec VK5ZAI dans le sud de l’Australie.

Le contact sera établi en anglais et retransmis sur sur EchoLink AMSAT (node 101 377), et aussi sur IRLP Node 9010 Discovery Reflector.

Streaming audio peut être entendu à cette adresse

Le contact sera retransmis en direct ICI

Liste des questions

  • 1. Which is the best moment on a space day?
  • 2. How did you feel the first time with no gravity?
  • 3. At first were you afraid of living on the ISS?
  • 4. What are you doing on the station at the moment?
  • 5. Do you like living with other five people?
  • 6. Do you have any hobbies on the ISS?
  • 7. What are the objectives of your mission?
  • 8. When did you start to enjoy astronomy? Why?
  • 9. Have you got any problems on the ISS?
  • 10. Is it better to live on the earth or in space?
  • 11. Which experiment do you prefer on the ISS?
  • 12. Which is the first place you want to see when you return home?
  • 13. What is your favourite planet?
  • 14. Would you like to stay longer in space?
  • 15. What time zone is used on the ISS?
  • 16. Wow has this experience changed your life?
  • 17. Sometimes, would you like to return soon to Earth?
  • 18. What did you think when you were chosen for this mission?
  • 19. What are you missing more of the earth life?
  • 20. Do you believe in aliens, in extra-terrestrial life?