Pour un radioamateurisme authentique et moderne

Contact ARISS 1er septembre à 13h44


L’école Ulvivia Upper de Finlande à rendez vous avec la station spatiale ISS ce mardi 1er septembre à 11h44 TU (13h44 locales). C’est un contact direct entre OH1F et OR4ISS, le signal sera audible aux alentours de la Finlande sur 145.800 MHz



Liste des questions en anglais :

1. What time zone do you use there?
2. What do you do in your free time at the station?
3. If we found life beyond the Earth in the future, would it be right to
disturb its evolution?
4. What is the best experience you’ve had while being astronaut?
5. Is there something that you did not expect to be hard for you, but it is?
6. For how long are you staying in the International Space Station?
7. What kind of food do you eat at ISS?
8. Which is the most interesting project you have been working with on ISS?
9. What is your favorite sight you can see from the space station?
10. Which is the most interesting item you have ever printed with the “Made
in space” 3D-printer?
11. What did you study after high school?
12. What has surprised you positively?
13. What kind of physical condition is required of astronauts?
14. Can you see any manmade structures from the ISS?
15. What do you miss the most from Earth/home?
16. What is something you would want to have with you in the space station
but you can´t have?
17. Does ISS espresso taste different than normal coffee? Or does micro
gravity change the sense of taste?
18. What do you want to say to the young of the present day?
19. Do you have normal showers at ISS or do you have some alternative way to
take care of your personal hygiene?
20. Does your personal world view change when you see the Earth from space
as planet?

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