ARISS_NASA-300x142Le festival d’astronomie de Fleurance et le collège Hubert Reeves ont rendez vous avec la station spatiale ISS le vendredi 14 août à 19h42 UTC soit 21h42 locales pour un contact en télébridge entre RS0ISS et IK1SLD. Les signaux seront audibles en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Liste des questions (en anglais)

1. Melissa (13): How are you? How do you feel today?

2. Mathilde (14): Which time zone do you use?

3. Yohan (13): Which scientific experiments are you working at the moment?

4. Typhaine (13): What’s the latest big problem you have experienced?

5. Mickaela (14): What did you feel during take-off?

6. Marwan (13): How often do you go out of the station?

7. Julien (13): Do you do your own laundry, if yes, how?

8. Baptiste (13): What can you do if you have health problems?

9. Jean (14): What do you eat?

10. Elodie (14): Do you look forward to going back on Earth?

11. Zoe (13): What do you fear the most in the Station?

12. Jules (13): Is there day and night in space?

13. Mateo (14): Do you have internet access in the station?

14. Yohan (13): Do nails and hair still grow in space?