Un contact ARISS est planifié avec l’Institut Florimont de Genève en Suisse. Il aura lieu le mercredi 17 septembre à 8h17 UTC. C’est un contact direct qui sera opéré par 4U1ITU qui est l’indicatif du radioclub de l’ITU. Le signal sera entendu sur 145.800 MHz en FM bande étroite.

Liste des questions en anglais

1. Gaella: Are the mobile phones working fine in space?
2. Adriano: How do you wash yourself on the ISS?
3. Edouard: Can you create a gravitational field on the ISS as if you’d be on earth?
4. Santiago: What were your motivations to become an astronaut?
5. Ana: Can you really see the Chinese Great Wall from space?
6. Cecilia: Do you feel isolated in space?
7. Gabriele: At what speed are you travelling right now?
8. Sappho: Are there any women with you at the ISS?
9. Sebastien: What do you do in your free time?
10. Alejandro: How do you come back to Earth after your mission?
11. Antoine: How long have you already been in space?
12. Hugo: What is this effect of absence of gravity on your body?
13. Morgane: How do you communicate with your family?
14. Anastasia: Do you talk also with radio amateurs or only with schools?
15. Diane: Can you see the ozone layer around the Earth?
16. Martin: What do you feel seeing sunrises and sunsets more than one per day?
17. Adriano: Do you have to protect yourself against cosmic radiation?
18. Alessandro: Does the absence of gravity disturb the blood circulation in your body?
19. Maksim: What thing did surprise you the most when arriving on the ISS?
20. Edouard: What do you dream about when you are on the ISS?