ARISS_NASAMercredi 8 janvier à 10h44 UTC la station ISS a rendez vous avec l’école Zespoł Szkoł Technicznych à Ostrow Wielkopolski en Pologne. Ce sera un contact direct en anglais entre OR4ISS et SP3POW. Le contact sera en streaming en direct sur le serveur polonais ARISS.

Liste des questions

1. Kasia (14): What scientific experiments are carried out on the space station at present?
2. Michal (12): How does the magnetic needle work in space?
3. Julia (12): How do you handle different illnesses?
4. Piotr (15): How would a pendulum clock work on board of the ISS?
5. Magda (13): Was there anything that surprised or impressed you during your stay in space?
6. Oskar (15): What was the largest mammal (except for humans) which was on the ISS?
7. Patrycja (13): How do flying insects behave in zero gravity?
8. Blazej (16): Do you know how many centimeters your body lengthened in weightlessness?
9. Szymon (14): Is it easy to use a pen or a fountain pen on the space station?
10.Oliwia (16): Do you think that time in space passes faster?
11. Damian (18): How do you observe and explore the Moon?
12. Jakub (15): What or how did you feel when you saw the Earth from space for the first time?
13. Tomasz (15): Does Kirobo work well and fulfill its mission on the ISS?
14. Jakub (16): Is it hard to get used to weightlessness?
15. Arek (19): Is it possible to be able to breed crystals in weightlessness?