ARISS_NASALa station internationale ISS a rendez vous le samedi 28 décembre 2013 à 13h08 UTC (14h08 locales) avec les scouts d’Eindhoven au Pays Bas. Ce sera un contact direct entre IR0ISS et PE6SBW qui se fera en anglais. Le signal descendant sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz.

Liste des questions

1. Jasper (12 yr):  Do you float in the space outside of ISS?
2. Madelief (10 yr):  Do you like it to be weightless all the time?
3. Isabel (8 yr):  What skills do you need to have to become an astronaut and how do you prepare a mission into space?
4. Niels (8 yr):  How do you sleep in space?
5. Koen (8 yr):  Do you have spare time to play computer games like Minecraft, and what games?
6. Stefan (9 yr):  Please name a top 3 of things you miss on earth, except your families.
7. Praganye (7 yr):  Please share your most memorable experience as astronaut.
8. Jeroen (6 yr):  How do you use the toilet in ISS? Using the toilet, where does the pee or poop remain?
9. Martijn (11 yr):  How big is the space that you live in?
10. Carmen (11 yr):  If there is fire on ISS, how do you extinguish this? Water and powder also float and may damage the equipment.
11. Sterre (10 yr):  I would like to know what the astronauts do when a comet is approaching the space station.
12. Silvio (6 yr):  Do you have a Christmas tree with decoration in ISS?
13. Donna (9 yr):  Can you see fireworks on January 1th?
14. Vera (8 yr):  How do you wash yourself and how do you change clothes?
15. Rik (12 yr):  Do you see a lot of debris in space?
16. Sijmen (6 yr):  What is the moon made of?