ARISS_NASALa Glory High School Gwalior Pradesh en Inde a rendez vous avec ISS le 31 août à  11h22 UTC (13h22 locales)  Le contact est un télébridge entre les stations IR0ISS et IK1SLD située dans le nord de l’Italie. Nous pourrons l’entendre sur la fréquence de descente 145800 MHz, contact réalisé en anglais.

Liste des questions en anglais :

1.   How do astronauts breathe?
2.   Is ISS like a house?
3.   How do astronauts bathe?
4.   Can you see cyclones or pollution there?
5.   Do you see sunrise or sunset there?
6.   Can you see a shooting star?
7.   What does it feel like to be in outer space?
8.   How long does your oxygen supply last during an eva?
9.   Do you feel homesick?
10.  How do you cope up with zero gravity?
11.  What do you do when you get sick in space?
12.  How do you go for a shave or a haircut?
13.  What is the cuisine of food that you eat in space?
14.  How doe it feel like to blast off in space?
15.  What do you do for recreation?
16.  Is the space Scary?
17.  Have you kept a souvenir?
18.  How many hours of training you have done at Zero gravity on earth before
getting in to the space?
19.  It is _________ time in India what is the time there?
20.  If you could bring only one luxury to space with you what would it be?
21.  Can you see the solar and lunar eclipse there?
22.  What sounds do you hear in your surroundings?