Un groupe hollandais a rendez vous avec ISS le 30 août à 12h12 UTC (14h12 locales). C’est un contact direct qui sera opéré par PA3GUO. Le signal descendant sera sur 145.800 MHz.

C’est l’astronaute Christopher J. Cassidy KF5KDR qui répondra en anglais aux questions des enfants.

1. Niels(13): Where do you come from?
2. Tom(9): Do you think aliens exist?
3. Mateo(8): Can you see the Netherlands from the Space Station? And your house?
4. Sophie(9): Do you have animals on board the International Space Station?
5. Marie France(9): Are you homesick?
6. Servane(11): Do you have children?
7. Louanne(9): Did you participate to survival camps during your astronaut training?
8. Quentin(11): Would you prefer going to the Moon, to Mars or to an asteroid?
9. Esther(10): What languages do you speak?
10. CamillE(10): What was your favorite subject at school?
11. Maria Joao(13): Do you think the space agencies will soon detect an exoplanet with alien forms of life?
12. Fernanda(12): Do you have chocolate on the Space Station?
13. Miriam Alexia(12): Did you have many friends when you were a child?
14. Adelie(9): How is called the rocket you flew with?
15. Nicholas(11): Do you ever have issues with your crew mates?
16. Christophe(12): If you would meet an alien, what would you tell him?
17. Francois(10): When are you coming back to Earth?
18. Nico(12): What’s your favorite sport?